Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OKC Botanical Garden

Linda and I took my Mom to the OKC Botanical Gardens. It was small but had a lot of neat and unusual plants. Like this pokey thing!

There were beautiful plants everywhere. Sometimes you had to look hard, or behind other plants.

Mom in the jungle.

Pretty pink thing.

The colors were awesome.

I drank too much water, had to get rid of some.

The Bird of Paradise plant is always cool.

I had to slow the exposure down a little.


CJ Lampwork said...

those pics are outstanding. you really do take some professional looking florals. good job. LU CJ

The Franklin's said...

I love your comments about the flowers "like pink thing"! And I especially love the one with you and the water. I have such a dorky dad! Haha! Just kidding (sort of)

The Trimble's said...

HA! I love the one with the water..hilarious!!! : )